Dive Hotel's Annexe House


We are perfectly located - just a 15 minute taxi ride from the airport and the city centre. 10 minutes from Fox Studios, the Sydney Cricket Ground and Football Stadium, Randwick Racecourse, The University of New South Wales and five great golf courses. And a waterfront walk to Bronte and Bondi Beaches.

The Beautiful Beach:

  • A small village beach surrounded by pools, parks and spectacular pathways.

Wylie's Baths:

  • An idyllic ocean pool with a massive wooden sundeck cum coffee bar.

Ladies Baths:

  • A women's and children's pool for over 70 years. Here you'll find a broad cross-section of women, aged from eight to eighty.

Ocean Walk:

  • One of the Sydney's most spectacular walks. With rock pools rich in marine life, weathered rocky platforms, rugged cliffs, and health lands, not to mention a brooding cliff-top cemetery.

Eat Streets:

  • Coogee Beach is dotted with laid-back, likeable cafes and restaurants (35 at last count!), serving up every conceivable cuisine.

Spectator Sports:

  • Major sporting events are just a 10 minute bus or car ride away.


Sydney Harbour

Dive Hotel's Annexe House
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